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Qingdao Judberd Machinery Co Ltd is a professional manufacturer for ductile iron pipe joints(coupling,flange adpator,dismantling joint,saddle,quick flange adaptor,restrained flange adaptor for PVC/PE pipe,gibault joint,repair clamp etc) ,ductile iron pipe fittings and valves,our company was founded in 1990,we produce our products on auto production line,so our price is competitive and quality is better than others.We have more than 200 employee and we have rich experience.We export our products to more than 80 Countries.

qingdao judberd machinery co ltd
Hushan Road No.77, district de Licang, ville de Qingdao, Chine
Tel: +86 (532) 80917369
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Whatsapp 008615315522185
Email: judberd@126.com
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